Filfil & Flefla is an all-terrain interactive dance adventure for young audiences (6+) and playful adults. Two friends, Filfil & Flefla, invite the audience on an adventure to create the world of movement, teamwork and friendship. In this performance everyday spaces will be turned into all kinds of imaginative landscapes from mountains and jungles to waterfalls and seas.


Since 2017 we are offering a possibility to pair this performance with a follow-up activity of a painting workshop, where the performers return to the audience a couple of days up to a week later, as ourselves (not as Filfil & Flefla), discuss the performance with the children and then lead them to paint their ideas, expressions and impressions of the performance, or of any future adventure they imagine the characters to have, on a large fabric canvas that will be hung in the performing venue.

Premiered in August 2016, performed more than 20 times in Palestine, currently available for touring.

Invite us to perform via e-mail ( or phone (+970 599235993 / +970 595680333)!

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