Garbage Gar Gar

In a family not far from you,

a brother and a sister

have been throwing the trash

on the streets, out of the car windows,

into the fields, as they please.

They have never been taught otherwise.

But one night

all this garbage gathers together…


Garbage Gar Gar is a 40-minute comedy-horror dance performance about garbage (mis)handling for young audiences.

It’s a horrifyingly realistic fictional story of siblings, who unintentionally create a monster by throwing garbage on the streets. Circus tricks, clowning, glitter-infused jazz, contemporary dance, animated scenography, puppetry, lighting effects and crazy scary soundscapes will create a magical evening where the garbage monster is real and the world needs saving, one trash at a time.

Garbage Gar Gar is currently in rehearsals – PREMIERE COMING SOON!

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