krinal | mansour started keeping bees in Ramallah, Palestine in March 2016, when Sinan gave Helena our first hive as a birthday present.

Harvest of 2018 is SOLD OUT, next harvest will be ready in August 2019!

To purchase krinal | mansour honey, please contact us via e-mail (krinalmansour@gmail.com)  or phone (+970 599235993 / +970 595680333).

In addition to honey, we are currently developing several artisan products from beeswax and offering educational programmes about bee life, bee keeping and honey farming. Stay tuned for latest updates via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/krinalmansour).

2 thoughts on “HONEY

  1. Such a cool idea, where and when can I call by this week to buy a couple of jars, my wife is addicted to honey ! and to buy it directly from the bee keepers would be the best

    1. Dear, thank you for your interest, please call the numbers above or send us an e-mail. We would love to bring you some honey 🙂

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